Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mohammad Dangerfield (Album Review)

There are times when I think to myself, what is the point of what I do. Why do I even bother hosting this site, when other just go through the motions and I actually write with substance. But then I remember I do this for the love of a culture, responsible for a good part of my adolescence. When classic albums served as soundtracks to my life. Other things that help balance me out are the fact that there is good music out there, and I have a hand in helping with the progression of the art form by showcasing the greatness it has.

With the hip-hop scene being saturated with such sugar filled fluff, for some it may be difficult to distinguish what is passion and what is just greed. Passion for someone's craft, that goes into exceptional bodies of work. While greed fuels others to create mediocre material to line their pockets. In the end, what does that really lead to?

For one to create, one should birth their ideas from the soul. Literally bleed and sweat for their work to actuallu have any real meaning. And that is what I respect.

These are the things I look for when I listen to albums and choose to review them. I focus on what the artist was to evoke as well as what their frame of mind may have been, while creating. Which is why, when I had the opportunity to listen to the upcoming Mohammad Dangerfield album, I was very satified with the quality and passion put into it.

One can creat an album with 20 tracks and have only 10 them appeal to the average person. While other can create an album with just 10 tracks and have it become a masterpiece. Here Rugged N Raw and Hasan Salaam managed to create an album with 18 tracks, that not only is music to your ears (no pun intended) and very satisfying to the true essence of hip-hop.

To tackle different topics in music can at times, be a bit of a reach. With few beng able to pull it off with ease. Here speaking on politics, government and infidelity among other topics, just flows effortlessly.

This is a an album which one can completely enjoy without having to skip to the next track. Which can be a bit of a rarity these days, but is a compliment to the artists' work ethic. And a testiment to what comes naturally to this duo.

I urge anyone that says, they are true fans of hip-hop to make it a point to purchase this album, when it comes out in February.

Mohammad Dangerfield, I thank you. As you make my job that much easier as well as a pleasnt one.


  1. Yall some real artist. I appreciate the quality. I'm so bored of the same all crappy lyrics on the radio with a good beat. I feel like I'm growin with yall